About Us


Welcome to Éclairée

At Éclairée, we blend the essence of unique heritage with the principles of sustainability, celebrating the individuality and timeless beauty of reuse. Our mission is to offer you an exquisite array of items that not only elevate your style but also pay homage to our planet's well-being.

Our Curated Collections

Dive into our carefully selected range of jewelry, candles, and fine gifts, each echoing our commitment to eco-sustainability, meticulous craftsmanship, and heartfelt design. Here, every item tells a story, embodying a rich past and a promising future, waiting to become a part of your life's narrative.

The Candle Experience

Explore our eclectic candle collection, lovingly hand-poured and crafted from 100% organic coconut apricot wax. These creations are more than mere candles; they are sensory journeys, designed to infuse your surroundings with a warm, welcoming glow and a palette of serene, enchanting aromas.

A World of Decor

Our decor assortment is a carefully curated treasure trove, featuring unparalleled pieces each bearing its own distinct history. Sourced from thrift finds and estate sales, these gems carry with them stories of yesteryears, adding not just beauty but depth and character to your space. From the allure of vintage charm to the sleekness of modern design, our collection caters to every taste, every style.

The Essence of Éclairée

Éclairée transcends the conventional boundaries of shopping; it's a realm where you can boldly express your individuality, where uniqueness is celebrated, and sustainable choices are cherished. We invite you to break free from the ordinary, to find and revel in pieces that truly resonate with your essence.

Our Story

Rooted in the enchanting memories of a childhood spent in awe of my Grandmother's sophisticated world, Éclairée is a tribute to her unparalleled style, her love for distinct fragrances, and her knack for blending luxurious home decor with timeless fashion. Her space, a meticulously designed sanctuary by my Grandfather, was more than a closet; it was a boutique of wonders, each item telling a tale of love, elegance, and heritage.

Her jewelry collection, a spectacular array of vintage finesse and captivating costume pieces, alongside her signature perfumes, left a lasting impression on me. Her home, a testament to her exquisite taste and worldly experiences, was a harmonious blend of various styles, each piece telling its own story.

Inspired by these cherished memories and the desire to share this unique blend of fashion, fragrance, and home aesthetics, Éclairée was born. It's a brand that carries forward the enlightened legacy and rich traditions of my family, inviting you to partake in its magic and make it a part of your own story.