Éclairée Bae - Loyalty Program

Become an Éclairée BAE

Step into a world where luxury and loyalty intertwine elegantly - welcome to becoming an Éclairée BAE. Join our exclusive rewards program that celebrates you, our esteemed patron, for embracing the sophistication and sustainability of Éclairée. As an Éclairée BAE, every purchase you make not only enhances your personal collection but also brings you closer to a realm of unparalleled rewards and experiences.

Your Journey as a BAE

  • Embark & Earn: Your journey as an Éclairée BAE begins with your first purchase, earning you 1 BAE point for every dollar spent on our luxurious collections. From the artisanal charm of our candles to the timeless elegance of our jewelry, every piece is an opportunity to accumulate rewards.

  • Connect & Collect: Your engagement enriches our community. As a BAE, you'll collect points for connecting with us on social media, celebrating your special days, or introducing fellow connoisseurs to Éclairée's world.

  • Unlock & Indulge: The points you gather as a BAE unlock a treasure trove of rewards. Redeem your points for exclusive discounts, bespoke gifts, or early access to our coveted limited editions.

Privileges of Being a BAE

  • Pearl Privilege (0-499 points): Enjoy advance notice of sales and exclusive peeks at upcoming collections.

  • Sapphire Status (500-999 points): Build on Pearl privileges with free shipping on every order and special invitations to Éclairée gatherings.

  • Diamond Dynasty (1000+ points): Attain the pinnacle of BAE status, enjoying all Sapphire benefits plus personalized styling advice and priority access to our limited collections.

Beyond Rewards

As a Diamond Dynasty BAE, you'll experience customized offerings, from crafting your signature scent to private showings of our latest designs.

A Sustainable Choice

In alignment with Éclairée's vision, the BAE program allows you to convert points into contributions towards environmental endeavors, marrying luxury with ecological mindfulness.

Join the Éclairée BAE Family

Becoming an Éclairée BAE is more than a membership; it's a journey into a world where your choices are celebrated, your style is revered, and your loyalty is rewarded with the utmost elegance. With Éclairée BAE, every moment is an opportunity to shine in your unique light.